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Deib remanufactures fountain regulators
CO2 regulators in Dieb's remanufacturing process
Fountain CO2 Regulator Remanufacturing Procedure
Dieb : CO2 Regulator Remanufacturing
Dieb Enterprises
   ♦ Bead Blast Brass
   ♦ Replace All Gauges
   ♦ Clean And Paint Bonnet
   ♦ Buff Screws
   ♦ Pressure Test For Leaks
   ♦ Replace Parts As Needed (Rebuild Kits)
Why remanufacture you worn and leaking regulators?

CO2 Regulators are usually tough and reliable piece of fountain equipment.  If they fail there is an option most people aren't even aware of.  Dieb remanufactures CO2 regulators and gets them back into service.

1. It saves you and your company budget dollars...a lot of them.  you can have your CO2 regulator repaired or remanufactured at a big savings compared to new,

2. It's a high pressure piece of equipment.  Dieb does CO2 reman whether you have 1
or 2 CO2 regulators or you have crates of them.  Over the years we have remanufactured countless primary, secondary and management regulators over the years.  We are seriously good at it and have a 1 year warranty on our remanufactured CO2 regulators.

3. We box and deliver them back to you ready to install.  I've heard equipment managers say they thought a leaky regulator was just a piece of junk.  They don't any more...we reman them and turn them into value.

4. Your customers like and notice when you install great looking equipment.  A Dieb remanufactured regulator looks good and will make your company look good at a faction of what new costs.  It a win for you and your business.

5. We have a quick 2 week turn around
Dieb can remanufacture your primary regulators.  Our process is cost effective and has a two week turnaround from the time we receive it until we ship back to you.  You can reach us at 800-237-0521 or...

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5000 Primary (High)
Bead blasted, gauges replaced, pressure tested and replacement part as needed to breathe new life into your old worn regulators.  Each remanufactured regulator is returned to boxed, labeled and ready to install.  Contact us at 800-237-0521

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3000 Secondary (Low)
Give Dieb a call today at 800-237-0521.  You will find our people to be courteous and friendly...ready to help.  That old leaky CO2 regulator isn't done just needs a Dieb CO2 regulator reman.

Management Regulator