Bar Gun Repair

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Bar Gun Remanufacturing Procedure
Deib Enterprise remanufactures Schroeder and Wunder Bar, Bar Guns
Bar Guns Are Our Business
Dieb has remanufactured 1000's of bar guns over the years.  We are an Authorized Schroeder Bar Gun Service Center.  We also have remanufactured countless Wunderbar bar guns as well.  Dieb can customize your bar guns to meet whatever need you might have.  

Call us at 800-327-0521 to talk to our friendly and courteous staff.

Our standard process replaces all flavor buttons, O-rings and defective parts to create a completely remanufactured bar gun.

Dieb Follows A Strict Restoration Process Of:

♦ Evaluation                                                             To Maintain A high Quality Control We:
♦ Flush And Pre-Wash                                           ♦ Perform A Water Operations Test
♦ Complete Disassembly                                        ♦ Perform A Dry Operations Test
♦ Cleaned With Ultrasonic Cleaner                         ♦ Perform A Leak Test
♦ Ultrasonic Rinse                                                  ♦ Neutralize With Nitrogen
♦ Hand Detail Internals
♦ Reassemble     
♦ Utilize Bacteria Strip Test

Upon Completion Each Bar Gun Is:

♦ Boxed
♦ Labeled To Denote Hose Length
♦ Labeled To Denote Bar Gun Configuration
♦ Installation Ready
Types of Bar Guns We Remanufacture
Post Mix

Post Mix
Pre Mix

Pre Mix
Custom Bar Gun Remanufacturing Available
Dieb repairs bar guns
Dieb can customize your bar gun remanufacturing

Barrier Lines

Button Caps

Butterfly Plate

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning
Dieb remanufactures bar guns
Dieb's 4 stage Heated Ultra Sonic Cleaning System
Dieb uses an Ultra Sonic 4 Stage Heated Robotic Cleaning System

1st Stage Wash

2nd Stage Wash

3rd Stage Rinse

4th Stage Rinse

After the 4th stage each bar gun is hand inspected, cleaned and polished 
Bar Gun Flush and Sanitize
Dieb takes remanufacturing your bar guns very serious.

We use repeated flushing, rinsing and sanitizing throughout the remanufacturing process. 

We repeat with another flush and sanitize during the QC process.
Bar Gun Parts and Equipment
Dieb has a complete array Schroeder, Wunder-Bar and Cornelious bar gun parts and equipment to assure your bar gun remanufacturing is done on a timely basis. Got a cracked or broken bar gun head?  Don't throw the bar gun away...we can fix it!

Dieb offers a number of different programs that will keep your bar guns ready for use and making sales for your company.  Remanufacturing is an economical way to make sure you get the most out of your equipment.

Call us at 800-237-0521 and tell us what you need.  We will do our best to make your bar gun repairs and remanufacturing easy.  We also have remanufactured bar guns for sale.
Custom Packing, Shipping and Labeling
Once your bar guns are ready Deib gives you more choices again:

Packing--Choose what you need
Mounting Plates
Drip Cup and Hose Hangers

Labeling--Choose what you need
Asset Numbers
Bar Coding
Your Company's Part Numbers
Hose Length
Make-Model-Button Configuration

Each bar guns is individually wrapped and boxed with your pre-chosen parts package included.
Dieb is an AUTHORIZED SCHROEDER REPAIR CENTER.  We also do remanufacturing on WUNDERBAR bar guns.  Our technicians are highly skilled and well trained.

Each bar gun can be customized to meet your needs.  Dieb develops an individual customer profile to make sure your bar guns are returned to you exactly the way you want them

Dieb packages each bar gun and labels it to denote hose length and configuration.  You can rest assured that each bar gun will arrive back to you INSTALLATION READY

With orders of 10 or more Dieb will cover the cost of shipping both ways.