Dieb's Free Shipping Program

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Dieb has pick up and delivery in the light blue area.  
We come to your location once every 2 weeks on a regular schedule.  We call the day before to let you know we are on our way.

If you are in a purple area we have a Free Shipping Plan that is designed to be simple to use and saves you money.  (See Below)
Send 10 pieces and Dieb pays the freight
Dieb's Free Shipping Program
Dieb's Free Shipping Program is used by vendors and bottlers across America.  All you need to do is:

Ship in 10 pieces at one time

Call us at 800-237-0521 or talk to your Account Manager.

Tell us you have 10 or more pieces to ship in and we will email you a shipping label the first time.  When we ship back we will include additional labels for your next order.
For customers who need to ship in larger orders we can easily handle that too.  Call us and we will make arrangements to suit your needs.  We can use UPS or FedEX to put together a shipping plan under our FREE SHIPPING PROGRAM.

Simply call:

800-237-0521 or talk to your Account Manager today