Dieb Gold Certificate

America's Premier Vendor and Bottler Service Center

We would like to express our appreciation of your continued commitment to Dieb Enterprises.  As such, we are pleased to offer a special savings to our dedicated customers. 

The Dieb GOLD Certificate offers a savings of 10% on all of our repair and remanufacturing services.  Dieb is proud to offer this easy and immediate savings directly back to you, our valued customer.
Save 10%
Dieb "GOLD" is a great way to stretch your savings on Dieb's already low prices.  It is quick and easy to get started saving 10% on all our repair and remanufacturing services on both currency and fountain equipment.  If you order 1 time a month, that's like getting over a month's free repair every year.

Dieb Gold Certificate can not be used in combination with other offers or to purchase refub currency and fountain equipment.
Here's how Dieb's Gold Certificate works:

You can call Dieb or talk to your Dieb Account Manager to purchase a Gold Certificate for $900.00.  The Gold Certificate will cover $ 1,000.00 worth of your repair and remanufacturing costs for a savings of 10% of your total bill.  You can purchase or reload your Gold Certificate as often as you need to.

Dieb has been using the Gold Certificate for years to help our customers stretch their maintenance budgets.  Some have saved thousands of dollars just by taking advantage of the Dieb Gold Certificate.
Dieb makes it quick and easy to get started:

1. Call our TOLL FREE NUMBER     800-237-0521

2. Tell our operator that you wish to purchase a Dieb Gold Certificate

3. Start saving 10% today!

It's that easy!!...or Contact Dieb Here