Dieb is a Currency and Fountain Equipment Remanufacturing
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Dieb Repairs And Remanufactures:

Dieb Enterprises is committed to excellence when it comes to repair work on coin changers, bill validators and machine control boards...but we don't just stop there.


Dieb also specializes in fountain equipment repair, refurbishment and reconditioning such as  pumps, regulators, carbonators, bar guns, cold plates and fountain valves. 


We also refurbish the fountain units themselves including drop-in and counter electric units.


Our customers include private vendors and bottlers, corporate nationwide vendors and bottlers including the worlds largest vending and bottling companies.


Other Currency Equipment Repaired

Dieb Does Repair and Warranty Repair on All Currenz Coin Changers and Bill Validators
Other Currency Equipment Dieb Repairs
Dieb also repairs other changers and validators.  We receive hundreds of pieces other makers currency equipment every month and they too go though the same quality repair and quality control.  These include Coinco 3 tube changer and most Coinco validators.
Dieb Repairs Most models Of Coinco Changers and Validators
Dieb Services Other Brands Of Changers and Validators




Refurb Equipment
Dieb Enterprises is a nationally known repair and remanufacturing company.

We have a history in the vending industry going back 30 years.

Our Company Does business with venders and bottlers all across America including
Family and Locally Owned Vending and bottling Companies as well as the largest vendors and bottlers in World.

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