Dieb is a Currency and Fountain Equipment Remanufacturing
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Dieb Repairs And Remanufactures:

Dieb Enterprises is committed to excellence when it comes to repair work on coin changers, bill validators and machine control boards...but we don't just stop there.


Dieb also specializes in fountain equipment repair, refurbishment and reconditioning such as  pumps, regulators, carbonators, bar guns, cold plates and fountain valves. 


As a Conlux Service Center, Dieb's technicians are highly capable when doing your:

♦ Conlux Changer Repair

♦ Conlux Validator Repair


Conlux Authorized Service Center

Dieb Does Repair and Warranty Repair on All Currenz Coin Changers and Bill Validators
Dieb is an authorized Conlux Service Center
Conlux Authorized Service Center
Dieb Is An Authorized Conlux Service Center
Dieb is a Conlux Authorized Service Center
Conlux Service Center
Dieb offers superb repair and warranty service on Conlux coin changers and bill validators.  Our highly trained technicians will make sure your Conlux currency equipment is in top working order.  As you know too well there is nothing worse that being out on location and not having a reliable replacement unit when you need one.  

Check the sticker!  Does it say repaired by DIEB?  If not...it should!

Why Use An Authorized Conlux Service Center Like Dieb?
 Dieb has bee selected by Conlux to repair and maintain the currency equipment they manufacture.  We have held that designation for a long time.  Being a Conlux Service Center means we are among a select few and are highly rated in Conlux service and repair.

♦ Dieb is able to provide Manufacturer's Warranty Repair on your Conlux currency equipment that is still covered under it's manufacture's warranty period.  We will also verify whether a piece of Conlux equipment is under manufacture's warranty even if you aren't aware of it.

♦ Our company also has access to all current Conlux repair and servicing procedures.  We always provide necessary routine maintenance on each Conlux unit that comes through our facility. 

♦ We do not just clean, tune and test your Conlux currency equipment and send it back to you....we repair it.

♦ We also provide free software updating as it becomes available on all of your Conlux currency equipment that enters our facility.  This ensures that each repaired unit is fully functional in all it's applications.

♦ As an Conlux Authorized Service Center we have state of the art service and repair equipment.  That gives you the advantage of knowing that when you do business with Dieb your service and repair needs will be met each and every time.  Our ability to service and repair your Conlux currency equipment is unparalleled in the industry.

 Finally, Dieb has full access to Conlux parts and accessories.  When it comes to Conlux currency equipment, if you need it, we got it.  Your Conlux units are repaired and serviced with approved Conlux parts.

Conlux Bill Validators
NBM-3000 Series

NBM-3500 Series
Conlux Coin Mech's, Coin Changers

Conlux MCM5
Conlux Coin Changer Repair
NBM 3000 Series
 NBM 3500 Series 
Conlux Bill Validator Repair




Refurb Equipment
Dieb Enterprises is a nationally known repair and remanufacturing company.
We have a history in the vending industry going back 30 years.
Dieb is a nationwide Conlux Service Center.

Providing economical
Conlux coin changer repair & Conlux bill validator repair

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CCM 5g-1
Conlux Coin Changer Repair.
Conlux Bill Validator Repair