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Dieb Does Repair and Warranty Repair on All Currenz Coin Changers and Bill Validators
Debbie Politte

I have been in the vending and soft drink industry for over thirty years.  During that time I have seen many changes in both the industry and our own business.  As I received my Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies and Education, I never would have seen myself as the CEO of a family business.  When I entered the soft drink and vending business there were very few women represented in this field.  I have to thank many of my Father's peers for taking the time to educate me in the specifics of the industry and helping me gain acceptance and respect among key players in the market.  It is because of experiences and knowledge that has made me the business person I am today.  My Father would always tell me that any supplier should be an asset to their customer.  Our business should be an extension of the customer's.  I have continued with this theory by establishing strong customer relations to this day.  I want Dieb Enterprises to be a supplier that works individually.  Our focus is to relieve the customer of any service issues with payment issues and fountain equipment.  I want our company's reputation and performance to stand out from that of our competitors.


I have continued the family atmosphere throughout our company and have worked hard to establish a presence throughout our industry but also throughout our local community.  I have been active in our local school board, served as a mentor for business at Jefferson College, held officer positions in parent/teacher organizations, chaired a campaign for playground equipment at our school, raised money for athletic groups, Project Prom and serve as a board member at a local bank.  However the program I am most proud of is Dieb's Scholarship Program and in providing business experience for many high school students throughout the year.  Working with students to develop an excitement in business reminds me of my first years in the industry and each success I achieved within my career.  I strongly believe in paying things forward and working to help other obtain their goals.  This philosophy originates from years of helping students of business and my customers to attaining their business goals.

Dieb Does Repair And Warranty Repair on All MEI Coin Changers and Bill Validators
Flat Rate Coin Changer Repair
Dieb Does Repair And Warranty Repair on all Conlux Coin Changers and Bill Validators
Deib Repairs and does warranty repair on all Currenza cion changers and bill validators
Dieb is a MEI Premier Service Center
Deib repairs and does warranty repair on all SODECO cash management systems
Dieb Does Repair and Warranty Repair on Tri Tri Locks
Deib Is repairs fountain equipment for America's Leading Bottlers
Deib repairs schroeder and wunderbar bar guns
Dieb repairs McCann Cabonators, Lancer Carbonators and Cornelius carbonators
Dieb is an Authorized Falvia Service Center, Dieb is an Authorized Keurig Service Center
Dieb Sells Refur coin changers and refurb bill validators
Dieb has flat rate repair on bill validators, coin changers and machine control boards
Dieb repairs Currenza bill validators, Dieb repairs currenza coin changers
Deib Repairs Vendo machine control boards
Dieb repairs dixie narco machine control boards