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MEI service repair and warranty

America's Premier Vendor and Bottler Service Center

Hi, I'm Chris!  I'm a Dieb Account manager and the web master to this site.  I appreciate you finding us and look forward to dealing directly with you.  Scroll down the page and see what we offer and why you might want to take a look at some of our value services.

Dieb offers more services to the vending and bottling industry than most other companies in our industry.
Deib Repairs and does warranty repair on all Currenza cion changers and bill validators
Currency / Payment / Cashless Payment Equipment:

Authorized CPI - Crane Payment Innovations

Authorized MEI - MARS

Authorized Currenza

Authorized Sodeco

Authorized BNR

Authorized TriTeq

We also repair:

Coinco - Rowe Heads (BA50)

Vending Machine Control Boards (Bottle Boards) 

Dixie Narco

Bev Max


Royal Vendors

Vending Maching Conrol Boards (Snack and Interface Boards)

Automatic Products (AP)

National Vendors



Dieb Also Repairs

Vendo Hands

Picker Cups
Dieb Does Repair And Warranty Repair on all Conlux Coin Changers and Bill Validators
Coffee Brewers:

We are an Authorized Service Center for both Flavia and Keurig Coffee Brewers

Dieb Can Repair And Refurbish These Flavia Coffee Brewers

Flavia 200 Coffee Brewers

Flavia C400 Coffee Brewers

Flavia Creations 500 Coffee Brewers

Flavia Barista Coffee Brewers

Dieb Can Repair And Refurbish These Keurig Coffee Brewers

Keurig b3000 Coffee Brewers

Keurig 3000SE Coffee Brewers

Dieb Does Repair and Warranty Repair on All Currenz Coin Changers and Bill Validators
Fountain Equipment:

Dieb Repairs / Refurbishes / Remanufactures These Brands of Bar Guns

Wunderbar Bar Guns

Schroeder Bar Guns

Dieb Repairs / Refurbishes / Remaunfactures These Brands of Carbonators

Mccann Carbonators

Lancer Carbonators

Servend Carbonators

Cornelius Carbonators

IntelliCarb Carbonators

Dieb Remanufactures These Types Of CO2 Regulators

Primary Regulators

Secondary Regulators

Management Regulators

Dieb Repairs / Refurbishes / Remanufactures These Beverage Dispense Valves

LEV valves

UF1 Valves

464 valves

454 valves

424 valves

SFV1 valves

Variety Valves

Dieb Refurbishes These BIB Pumps

Flojet Beverage Dispense Pumps--Single Pumps & 2--3--4 Pump Kits

Surflo Beverage Dispense--Single Pumps

Dieb Refurbishes and Remanufactures

Cold Plates

Dieb Refurbishes Drop-In and Counter Top Fountain Dispense Units