Dieb repairs and remanufactures currency and fountain equipment
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Dieb is America's Premier Vendor and Bottler Repair Center
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Dieb is a member of NAMA
Member NAMA
MEI Authorized
Premier Service Center
Mei coin mech repair, MEI coin acceptor repair
MEI Coin Changer Repair
As an MEI Premier Service Center, Dieb is able to make sure your MEI coin changer repair work is the best in the industry.
Conlux Authorized Service Center
Conlux coin changer repair, conlux coin acceptor repair
Conlux Coin Mech Repair
As a Conlux Authorized Service Center, Dieb is able to provide you business with the best Conlux coin mech repair in the business.
Currenza Authorized Service Center
Currenza Con mech repair, currenza coin changer repair
Currenza Authorized Service Center
Being a Currenza Authorized Service Center, Dieb is totally committed to each coin acceptor repair unit we service.  When you get it back...it works.

Coin Changer Repair

Coin changer repair

America's Premier Vendor and Bottler Service Center

coin mech repair
coin acceptor

Dieb Is A MEI Premier Authorized Repair Center

Dieb is a MEI Service center
MEI Authorized Premier Service Center

Dieb is a MEI Authorized Service Center.  Being a MEI Service we do more than just clean tune and test your MEI equipment.  During the coin changer repair process we tear down each MEI coin changer to the component level.  Carefully cleaning the entire unit  for broken and worn parts that need to be replaced.  

Sounds great but we don't just stop there.  Dieb makes sure your coin acceptor repair reaches the level of performance expected of an MEI product.  Our job is to give you a finished repaired coin changer that can hold up to the demanding daily use of being installed in your high use locations. 

Few unrepaired coin changers means your coin changers are always ready to go to work for you.  Dieb helps save your business time and money.

Dieb can also do your MEI warranty work.

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Mei coin changer Repair

Dieb Is A Conlux Authorized Repair Center

coin mech repair, coin acceptor repair, coin changer repair
Dieb is an Authorized Conlux Service Center


Dieb is an Authorized Conlux Service Center.  That means we can meet any challenge when it comes Conlux coin changer repair.  We at dieb have over 30 years of experience when it comes to coin mech repair.  Our Conlux authorized technicians are trained to service your Conlux  equipment thoroughly and completely.  Each coin acceptor repair then goes through Dieb's Quality Control.  Where it is again examined and tested even more.  Our reputation is based on coin changers repaired and we take it seriously.

Fewer Unrepaired Units come back to you which means your business is saving time and money....and you have fewer things to worry about.

Dieb can also do your Conlux warranty work.


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Currennza coin changer repair
Conlux Coin mech repair

Dieb is Currenza Authorized Repair Center

Currenza Service Center
Dieb is a Authorized Currenza Service Center

Dieb is a Currenza Service Center.  Our trained technicians are very well versed on Currenza coin changer repair.  I've been an Account Manager at Dieb for several years and am continually amazed at the coin mech repair work I have seen.  

I recently had a Canteen Franchise owner hand me 4 Currenza units that look like a jack hammer had worked them over.  He asked if we could use parts from all 4 units and make 2 that would work.  2 weeks later I handed him 2 working units and a box full of left over parts to save for next time.  The customer was happy since he thought all 4 units where a complete loss.  Currenza makes a tough piece of equipment to survive that kind of damage. 

We take coin acceptor repair to a whole new level.  Dieb works with the largest vendor and bottlers in the business, as well as the smaller ones too.  You can always count on us to deal with you on an individual basis.  Our reputation rides on each coin changer repair.

Dieb can also do your Currenza warranty work.

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mei coin mech repair

Dieb Repairs Three Tube Coinco and other Coin Changers.

Coin mech repair, coin changer repair, coin acceptor repair
Dieb Services Other Brands Of Coin Changers

Dieb does Coinco three tube coin changer repair as well as some other brands.  Contact Dieb at 800-237-0521 to see if we can do your brand of coin mech repair or contact us at the link below.  We also include our 1 year warranty on our Coinco coin acceptor repair units and have a quick two week turn around from the time we get the unit to the day we ship back to you.


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