Authorized Keurig Service Center

America's Premier Vendor and Bottler Service Center

Dieb Is A Keurig Authorized Service Center

Dieb repairs and refurbishes Keurig Coffee Brewers
Authorized Keurig Service Center
Dieb Repair & Services Commercial Keurig Coffee Brewers.
Nothing creates a happy Coffee Client more than a fabulous cup of coffee from a clean machine that's in good working order. 
As a Kuerig Authorized Service Center, Dieb is commitment to you, the professional vendor.  

Our repaired units come back to you in tip top shape and ready to install.  Our job is making your company look good and your job easier
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 We Currently Only Repair and Refurbish Commercial Keurig Coffee Brewers
Model Number B3000
Model Number 3000 SE
Keurig Coffee Brewer Refurbishment Procedures
Dieb is an Authorized Keurig Service Center
Authorized Keurig Service Center.
♦ Test, Dismantle and Visually Inspect Brewer

♦ Replacement Of Needed Parts, Boards, Tanks,
   Pumps, Hoses And other Components

♦ Required Program Updating

♦ Preventive Maintenance

♦ Sanitized and Descaling

♦ Final Testing To Ensure Proper Operation
Dieb repairs and refurbs Keurig b3000 Coffee Brewers
Dieb Repairs and Refurbishes Keurig b3000 Coffee Brewers
Keurig B3000 Coffee Brewer
Dieb is an Authorized Keurig Service Center

A replacement Keurig b3000 is expensive and unnecessary.

Dieb can repair and refurbish your existing Keurig b3000 for just a fraction of the price.

We will replace any worn or broken parts such as pumps, boards, tanks, hoses and update programming to make sure when your Keurig b3000 coffee brewers arrives back to your place of business ready to install. Each brewer is also descaled, sanitized and flushed to make sure each and every cup of coffee delivers satifaction to your clientel.

In most cases Dieb has a 2 weeks turnaround which will get your Keurig b3000 brewer back on location as soon as possible.

Contact us at 800-237-0521 or Click Here 
Dieb Repairs and Refurbs Keurig 3000se Coffee Brewers
Our shipping address is:

Dieb Enterprises INC.
9334 Highway BB
Hillsboro,  MO.  63050

Call us to at 800-237-0521 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions