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Authorized Flavia Service Center -  Authorized Keurig Service Center

America's Premier Vendor and Bottler Service Center

Dieb is an Authorized Service Center For Flavia and Keurig
Authorized Service Center For Flavia and Keurig
Coffee Brewer Refurbishment Procedures
This is to give you a basic understanding on the procedure we use when repairing or refurbishing your Flavia or Keurig coffee brewers.

Once received we start with a visual inspection to check for damaged housings and exterior parts.

Next we test the unit as is to see what kind of problems the unit might have.

Then your Flavia or Keurig is completely broken down to component level.

Once broken down the cleaning process starts.  All parts are cleaned and examined, the unit is descaled and sanitized.

At that time we test and examine individual parts and replace broken and non functioning components.

The Flavia or Keurig unit is then rebuilt and tested to make sure it is functioning properly.  Once our techs establish the Flavia or Keurig coffee brewer is sound, it goes into quality control for additional testing.

Authorized Service Center For Flavia and Keurig
Dieb Enterprises INC.
From there it enters our packing and shipping department where it is professionally packaged and labeled with your required information.  We have the ability to custom label your product with infromation such as type of unit, asset number, serial number or whatever you need.

Your customer will think they are receiving a brand new coffee brewer.  Here at Dieb we take pride in returning your remanufactured Keurig or Flavia coffee brewer "installation ready" and ready to generate profits for your company. 

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Our Shipping Address Is:

Dieb Enterprises,  INC.
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Flavia And Keurig Coffee Brewers Dieb Repairs
Dieb refurbishes Keurig coffee brewers
Keurig 3000se Coffee Brewer
Dieb Can Repair and Refubish The Keurig 3000se Coffee Brewer
Dieb Repairs Keurig Coffee Brewers
Keurig B3000 Coffee Brewers
Dieb Can Repair and Refurbish The Keurig b3000 Coffee Brewer

Nothing satisfies a customer more than a delicious cup of coffee from a clean brewer that is in tip top working order.

Dieb is an Authorized Keurig Service Center.  We are committed to making sure our service and repair work is the best available on the market.

In most cases we have a 2 week turn around which will get your Keurig b3000 back on location quickly.  Your unit will be shipped back to you not only looking like a new unit...it will work like new coffee brewer.

Dieb repairs flavia models s350, c-400, and 200 coffee brewers
Flavia 200 Creations Coffee Brewer
We Can Repair And Refurbish Your Flavia 200 Creations Coffee Brewer.

Don't let a down machine cost you time, money or create an unhappy client.  We make it simple to get that machine back into production...usually with just a two week turnaround.
Dieb's technicians are highly trained and Deib is an Authorized Flavia Service Center to make sure both you and your clients are well satisfied with our attention to detail.

Each repaired Flavia 200 Coffee Brewer comes back to your location ready to install.  Your customer will think it's a brand new unit.  Your Flavia 200 will also be sanitized and flushed to make sure your customer receive the highest quality cup of coffee available.

Call Dieb today at 800-237-0521
Dieb is a Flavia Authorized Service Center
Flavia C400 Coffee Brewer
We Can Repair & Refurbish Your Flavia C400 Coffee Brewer

Whether you have one flavia 400 coffee brewer that needs to be repaired and refurbished or a 100 of them, Dieb can handle it.  As an Authorized Flavia Service Center we can handle your needs are both quickly & reliably.

Dieb prides itself on our relationships with our clients.  It is our goal to make sure each unit we repair and refurish meets the highest quality standards in the industry.  


Dieb repairs flavia coffee brewers
Flavia Creations 500 Coffee Brewer
Dieb Can Repair and Refurbish The Flavia Creations 500 Coffee Brewer
Dieb refurbishes flavia coffee brewers
Flavia Barista Coffee Brewer
Dieb Can Repair and Refurbish The Flavia Barista Coffee Brewer