Authorized BNR Service and Repair


The MEI branded BNR (Bank Note Recycler) links MEI's industry leading cash accepting technology with a robust four denomination recycling system. The MEI BNR was designed to mimic cash handling capabilities of a human cashier yet provides greater security and cash management benefits.

The BNR’s modular design leave the configuration capabilities wide open making it ideal for applications in self-checkout, retail payment, financial services and transport markets.

Dieb's Tech can repair each of the units listed to the right separately or your complete BNR system.


When we receive your BNR equipment Dieb will upgrade your BNR with the lastest edition of BNR Firmware.  It is usually best to send in the complete BNR unit in to make sure each part has the newest updates available.

Why go anywhere else to repair your MEI BNR?

Dieb is an Authorized Service Center for BNR!

We can repair your MEI BNR equipment and get it back into the field in full working order.

DIEB's service technicians are highly trained to make sure every MEI BNR unit is not just cleaned, tuned and is repaired and ready to go back into service.

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