American Changer AC400 - AC 500 Control Boards

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American Changer AC400 - AC500 Series Control Board Repair
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This informational page was created to help identify the types of machine control boards in the 

American Changer AC400 Bill Changer

American Changer AC500 Bill Changer

Dieb Can Repair The Boards and Hopper Pictured Below
Dieb repairs AC400 - AC500 machine control boards
AC400-AC500 Series Bill Changer
Below are thumbnails of the Machine Control Boards for the AC400 and the AC500.

You can click on the thumbnails for a larger version and more information on each of the boards and accessories.

AC400 - AC500 Universal Logic Board - Post 2005 Production
Controller - Pre 2005 Production
Universal Power Supply Post 2005 Production